With 30 years of experience across 16 countries, Cameron Burgess is a global leader in growing the revenue, reach and impact of mission-driven ventures.


With 30 years of experience across 16 countries, Cameron Burgess is a global leader in growing the revenue, reach and impact of mission-driven ventures.

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With 30 years of experience across 16 countries, Cameron Burgess is a global leader in growing the revenue, reach and impact of mission-driven ventures.
"Cameron Burgess is a seasoned business strategist and a no-nonsense advisor unafraid to challenge implicit and explicit assumptions, and to call it as he sees it. His raw intellect and strong character will force you to face your biggest challenges with solutions you hadn't considered before."Greg Berry | Impact Hub Global


Cameron Burgess has devoted his entire career to founding, catalysing, and commercialising mission-driven ventures throughout the world.

Cameron's clients come from diverse backgrounds including health and wellness, food security, sustainable real-estate, cleantech, biotech, wearables, crisis response, zero waste, circular economies, green transportation, publishing, impact investing, philanthropy, civic tech, co-working, event management, and public speaking.

With a remarkable depth of experience across dozens of countries, cultures, and contexts, Cameron has observed consistent patterns of failure and success across multiple countries, cultures and contexts. Through his unique combination of searing enquiry, values interrogation, vision refinement, systems thinking and strategy, Cameron has delivered value to thousands of projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Phillipines, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Canada, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Cameron is an uncompromisingly dedicated humanist, with an unrelenting commitment to the creation of a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

"Cameron is an open-hearted warrior, a relentless and unstoppable force of nature who typifies the style of leadership I believe we need in an increasingly divided world."Jennifer Lopez | Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)


  • Speaking

    Cameron's fierce intellect, raw emotion and uncompromising directness make him an evocative, effective and engaging speaker.

  • Facilitating

    Brainstorming, Immersions and Strategy that accelerate financial and altruistic returns for all stakeholders.

  • Mentoring

    Dedicated mentoring for established & emerging leaders seeking to revitalize themselves, their team and their mission.

"Cameron brings wisdom, a wealth of experience and connections, strategic thinking, and a fearless communication style to all of his engagements. Cameron has helped us sharpen strategy, focus on hustle, and think through our fundamentals. If you are in business and need mentoring, connections and/or some frank advice to improve your focus, impact and value, get Cameron on your side."Cameron Neil | Red Hat Impact
"We worked with Cameron at an important stage in Hitnet’s evolution; moving from a research program to a social business. Cameron provided strategic guidance and helped us to clearly articulate the complex digital ecosystem that Hitnet became. We still use this explanation four years later, and look back at our work with him as being visionary and instrumental in our path to becoming a sustainable social business."Julie Gibson | Hitnet



A concept paper that describes how a transformative approach to collaboration and finance supports citizens, governments, corporations, and civil society to share the burdens and the benefits of solving wicked problems.

Click through to the website to read the overview and download the paper.


The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation commissioned a group of lawyers, financiers, metrics experts and systems designers to explore how to implement a Market Network in the Senegal River Basin.

Click through to the website to read the overview and download the paper.


After reading our article on Medium, the Bertelsmann Foundation commissioned Sphaera and Artha Networks to research and analyse the challenges and opportunities for platform operators in the impact finance sector.

Click through to the website to read the overview and download the paper.

"Through Cameron's totally uncompromising approach to his work we uncovered risks and opportunities that we were previously blind to, and have been able to move to action quickly."Benny Callaghan | School for Social Entrepreneurs



    A distributed agency mobilising thought leaders & domain experts to solve wicked problems.

    Uncompromise - a globally distributed strategic agency for world positive people and projects


    Developing open, distributed, modular architecture to mobilise $50 trillion to solve the SDGs.



    A three day masterclass dedicated to supporting world-positive projects in increasing their revenue, reach and impact.Make Shift Happen - a day clinic and webinar series to hep world positive people and projects increase their revenue, reach and impact

    The next evolution of the W1SD0M project - a social operating system to support changemakers in connecting, collaborating & sharing resources.Impact
  • W1SD0M

    The world's first match-making platform for entrepreneurs, advisors and investors in the emerging impact investment market.



    Australia's first digital agency for the LOHAS market, we built more than 500 websites, and managed millions of email sends per month.

    Wellness Connect


    A chain of yoga and wellness studios in Brisbane, Australia, focused on making yoga accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for all.
     Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health

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Cameron is a bold and brilliant change-maker with a huge heart and an uncompromising commitment to supporting individuals and organizations in actualizing their highest potential.Heidi Cuppari | Dream Tank


  • Cameron Burgess is a powerhouse of passion, knowledge and experience and brings deep understanding of business, strategy and planning to the table. His easy articulation and delivery of real world information and advice is priceless. My fellow board members and I would love to have a bottle of Cameron available to pop at every meeting.

    Jane Sleight-Leach
    Board Member - Independent Social Enterprise Network Logan

  • Cameron has been, and still is, of great value to our organisation. Riddled with self-doubt about our external impact and struggling internally with uncertain structures, he has brought us clarity and authority at the perfect time. Employees have responded positively, sales are improving, and our message is becoming clearer. His values align perfectly with ours, and this has created the added benefit of creating an exciting vision for both our business, and our personal lives.

    Emma-Kate Rose
    Chief Happiness Officer - FoodConnect

  • Cameron has one of those all encompassing minds that surveys the surroundings and is able to pinpoint specific and invisible areas to others that result in a large transformation in business and in personal life. I enjoy his personal touch as well as his professionalism.

    Ted Ning
    Founder - LOHAS Group

  • Cameron's deep knowledge of the challenges and complexities in creating a profit-for-purpose organization was of great significance in the early stages of designing and launching One Night Stand. As both a strategist and a mentor, Cameron helped me to find answers to the tough questions he posed by connecting me into his vast network of people and resources. If you have the opportunity to work with Cameron, do it. You and your project will be better for it.Jamie Green Founder - One Night Stand
  • We've encountered many mentors and strategists along our entrepreneurship journey and few people have been able to cut straight through to the heart of issues so rapidly and insightfully. Cameron provides a wealth of creative ideas, and naturally considers the implications of these options, including unintended consequences, which is key to delivering a great product or service to people at the bottom of the pyramid.

    Miranda Phua
    Co-Founder - City Taps

  • Cameron's combination of strategic intelligence and deep commitment to 'making a difference' have proven to be of profound importance. Cameron's no-nonsense approach and expertise in developing strategies in service to mission, has resulted in astronomical leaps forward for the organisation.

    Craig King
    Producer - Here We Grow

  • Cameron's strategic mind and planning sessions helped us to focus on what we wanted to achieve, and think through how we could get there. His facilitation skills, paired with his ability to see a path forward we may not have recognized, made these sessions incredibly productive and were essential to us refining our strategy to move forward. When Cameron joined the board, he became a mentor to me, helping me to navigate the intricacies of being the COO of a growing NGO, and being a key support in difficult times.

    Christine German
    Former COO - The Munathara Initiative

  • Cameron is definitely an 'out-of-the-box' thinker with a great ability to conceptualise large scale opportunities.

    Jimi Wollumbin
    Founder - One Health Organisation