When Will You Begin that Long Journey Into Yourself?

I’ve spent almost twenty years helping others to increase their revenue, reach and impact, and now I’m committing to doing the same for myself.

After five brief, challenging and extremely rewarding months as interim CEO at COG1 Interactive in San Francisco, I’m moving on to refocus my efforts within the impact sector. In my time in the hot seat, we’re on track to double the size of the business, a testament to the skills and dedication of a small band of gifted and committed unicorns.

I don’t know exactly what comes next, but it’s certainly going to include a combination of writing, speaking and consulting and a whole lot of travel by foot, bike, car, bus, boat, train and plane. If you or anyone you know is looking for an interim CEO or strategist to bring immediate and generative transformation to an impact project, get in touch. I’m free to travel anywhere in the world and, if the project is interesting enough, I’m available to work for equity, revenue or profit share; if the challenge is large enough or the location exotic enough, I’ll also consider working for travel and/or living expenses.

I am extremely fortunate. I stand partway between youth and old age and, while I’m not as fit or as fast as I used to be, I’m smarter, better informed and more capable than I’ve ever been. Not much frightens me, I have no real responsibilities – no mortgage, no children, no fixed expenses of any sort – so I can move light and fast and endure extremes of discomfort most consultants of my age and experience typically wouldn’t.

I have a special love for technology and the benefits it can bring to the human experience when applied compassionately and intelligently. I intend to continue my work in developing platforms that can impact the lives of millions, whether on my own or in partnership with others. As much as I am an advocate for large-scale systems change, I also believe that there is as much value in solving the little riddles as the bigger ones. I’m mostly interested in spending my time working with people who experience their work as a sacred mission in service to others – from yoga instructors to the United Nations, if your life is an expression of loving service, we should talk.

I’m flying back to Australia in a few days to spend time with my family. It’s been over eighteen months since I’ve last seen them. My nephews are rapidly growing from boys into men, and it’s important to me to reconnect and nurture my relationship with these two young men I’ve known since birth. It’s also important to remember my Self as an ever-evolving man and to spend a little time close to the land that has shaped me with it’s beauty and brutality.

If you’d like to connect, drop me a line via the usual channels. I have no fixed agenda for this journey beyond arriving in Brisbane at 6.50am this Friday. I have a flight back to San Francisco booked for July 19. What happens in between is, as it always has been, entirely up to god.

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