are religion and sustainability mutually exclusive?

Religion’s getting a bad rap these days – and with good reason. Between the Jihadi’s, the Israelis and the fundies on their compounds, the world is increasingly looking like something out of Dante’s inferno (and yes, I did just have a crack at Israel – and no that doesn’t make me anti-semitic; just as criticising the USA doesn’t make one … II: The Hero’s Journey

A follow-up to How Do You Eat an Elephant, Part 1 — reinventing  It’s not my style to show up to a client meeting in combat pants, boots and a t-shirt — regardless of the fact that it might be my daily attire (so much of my work is done over the net that most of my clients often … I: reinventing Elephant in service to all beings

elephant journal has been around for a while — almost eight years (I think). I first discovered them in 2003, when the magazine was still growing and being published. I have no idea how — it was a random trawling-around-on-the-net-at-2am-still-awake-from-the-late-afternoon-coffee-I’d-been-promising-myself-i-was-going-to-give-up kind of thing. And then —

GFC … what GFC?

One could be forgiven for thinking there was no financial crisis. So many business owners are doing business-as-usual – operating without a clear strategy, and presuming that the way to weather the storm (if they even believe there is one) is to simply whittle back expenses, sit tight and hope for the best. Regardless, in tough economic times the first …

experimenting with exchange of service

In the past three years I’ve presented close to 30 seminars, and have worked with over 200 clients in nine countries specifically in the LOHAS arena. In the past nine years I’ve spoken directly with over 6000 wellness professionals about marketing. Somehow, along the way, I’ve become one of the most experienced commercialisation strategists in the LOHAS space. My companies are …

vision, strategy, output

I’ve been consulting to health and sustainability enterprises for almost fifteen years, and in that time I’ve become ever clearer about what causes business in this market place to fail. Most consistently it seems to be that there is a lack of appreciation for the natural order of things, for the hierarchy of influence and how to work most effectively …