Modernizing the Impact Sector

Successful entrepreneurs share one fundamentally common trait … they identify gaps in a market and develop a bridge to generate, at the very least, a measurable, replicable and sustainable result. In Australia there are approximately 600,000 non-profits – one for every forty men, women and children in the country. The US, by comparison has one for every two hundred – … Read More

Uncompromise 2.0

For most of my life I’ve been trying to save the world. Not because I’m particularly compassionate, or self-aware; not because I have the resources to do so, an innate capacity for grasping complex systems, or the arrogance to believe that I could actually be of lasting value. And not because I have the accidental privilege of being born into … Read More

An Open Letter to America

Dear America, We need to talk. Actually, I need to talk. And I’d like you to show me how great you already are by sitting down, resisting the urge to interrupt and listening – I mean really listening. Listen like your life depends on it. Because even if you think it doesn’t, mine does — and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I … Read More

Rise Up! – Inspired by the Memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. I woke up this morning to a feed full of inspiring quotes from a great man, most of which exhort tolerance, love, compassion, forbearance – the essential and gentler side of change. At this time, when racism, classism, religious fundamentalism, economic extremism, xenophobia and hatred for all that is not ‘us’ fills the airwaves, … Read More

Social Technology, Social Capital and Social Impact

While living in Boulder in 2010, I was invited to guest-lecture at the University of Colorado on the intersection between social media and social good. My lecture, perhaps not surprisingly titled Do Something That Matters derided the infantile obsession displayed by many of the great new minds who were fiddling with intricate technologies of limited value while all about them … Read More